My first blog post

This post is written by Julie, as likely most posts will be. But maybe one day I’ll convince one of the others to share their stories with you as well on here.

Hi all!

Please bear with me as I learn the ropes to this whole blogging thing.

I wanted to start telling our farm’s story, our family’s story. If you keep reading and following along with us you’ll hear about the good times, the hard times, and of course the funny times we all have together. That’s the great thing about farming, there is always something new happening!

Technically our farm is a corporate farm, but as it involves Lois and Barry (my husbands parents), Adam (my husbands brother), and Logan & myself it is still a FAMILY FARM. The bonus of that is it quite often turns into a gathering place where Adams wife Mallory and their kids Jaxson, Maguire, and Kinslee as well as Logans other brother Tim and his wife Kalie and their kids Caiden, Maddox, and Laityn and even my Dad, Doug, come out and give us a hand accomplishing some tasks. My favourite example of this is branding day (in the spring when we run all our calves and cows through the chute and tag, brand, vaccinate, dehorn, tattoo, and implant them as needed). We are truly blessed to have so much of our family living close enough together to gather at the farm!

Another bonus to having our farm be a family farm is that we can be involved in so many different farming enterprises as each person has different strengths and interests. These differences allows our farm to diversify into a conventional crop enterprise where we produce grain, a commercial cattle enterprise where we produce calves that are sold in the fall at an auction mart as well as produce our own beef, and now we have a purebred cattle enterprise as well.

I am most interested in and passionate about the cattle side of the business so that’s probably what you will hear most about from me. That, and the antics of my two daughters Avery & Paisley as running after two under 2 keeps me pretty busy right now!

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