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You might know us as Barry & Lois Mortenson, Adam & Mallory Hendry, and Logan & Julie Mortenson. We live and farm near Nokomis, SK. Please read our blog to find out more about us and to keep up to date on our farming adventures.

Happy trails Brandy!

I remember as a kid giving my Dad a hard time for not getting on our half broke horses. I didn’t understand why he’d just say that he was too old for that when it seemed to me at the time that there was nothing to it; just hop on that hot mare or punchy…

Holding onto the good days

Right now we are in the midst of calving season on our farm. It seems like during calving season things go one of two ways- either really good or really difficult.

My first blog post

This post is written by Julie, as likely most posts will be. But maybe one day I’ll convince one of the others to share their stories with you as well on here. Hi all! Please bear with me as I learn the ropes to this whole blogging thing. I wanted to start telling our farm’s…

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